Operation Holiday Warmth

Posted on 12/04/2013 by

Faith's GridNot content to stick with decorating tabletop Christmas trees, this year the Hawaii Information Services staff embarked on its most ambitious community service project yet.

With three sewing machines donated by staff and hundreds of vibrant aloha print fabric swatches donated by Aloha Fun Wear, HIS is working on designing, sewing, and delivering a pile of blankets to a Honolulu elderly care home.

The conference room has been dubbed “volunteer central,” with employees donating their time before and after hours to complete the blankets before Christmas. It’s not uncommon for us to end our day delirious and covered in thread and Post-it Notes, but it’s all for a good cause.

Read on for more updates and photos as the project unfolds!


Fabric Donation from Aloha Fun Wear

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Blanket Making

2013-11-22 16.04.06 2013-11-25 12.43.09 2013-11-25 07.07.05 2013-11-25 07.18.37 Mike & Raun blanket-shawn-morimotoSam Stack of Blankets First Blankets

The Blanket Gallery

Blanket Gallery

The Blanket Delivery

Blanket Delivery

Guest Blanketeers

The Yasuhara Men
Mark and Matt Yasuhara, brother and nephew of Colleen Yasuhara.
2013-12-05 12.24.31 800
Bill Andrews, National Sales Manager of CoreLogic.

Blake of Toshiba Business Solutions.
Danny Lopes
Danny Lopes.
Gregg Petch, Black Sand Labs.